Friday, January 30, 2015

Monster Jam 2015

This year makes the 4th year that we've gone to the Monster Jam. The first year we went, I was reeeeaaalllly pregnant with Giuliana (2012). But this is the first year we've actually gone as a family. I was really nervous about bringing the kids since they are still so young (I was really worried about their ears). Heck! Jaxon won't even sit still for a movie most days. And now here we are brining him to a event where he will have to sit still for hours. Yeah, count me out of that. (Mikey's idea)

just the cutest pictures ^
I am so glad we decided to take them. They both surprised me and did really well. Sitting down was not a issue at all. And they both napped while we were there!! The best part was definitely Giuliana carrying her Monster Jam catalog that her daddy bought her as she went driver to driver. She took pictures with almost every drive and got their auto graph as well.
Jaxon is all about monster trucks and tires. I am so happy that I decided to make a trip to Wal-mart the night before to get this little guy for him. We will save this for him and give it to him when he is older. I am already looking forward to taking Giuliana and Jaxon next year!

Thursday, January 29, 2015

3 days from 3

In just three short days my sweet baby girl will be THREE years old. I can not believe I almost have a three old. It feels just like yesterday I was packing my hospital bag and now here I am writing about my{almost} three year old.
*que the tears*
H: W: 32lbs  Shoe size:9 Tops: 2/3T Bottoms: 2/3T 
Can't get over this cuteness ^ 
 We saw the movie Tangled a couple weeks before Christmas and Giuliana has been obsessed ever since. Rapunzel this, Rapunzel that, we probably watch it 5 times a week. She knows almost all the words. I order this Pascal for Giuliana's birthday a couple weeks ago but she found it in my closet and he's been on her shoulder ever since.

She went to her first Monster Jam a couple weeks. I thought the noise would scare her but we put the tiny ear plugs in both babies ears and then bought addition earphones to cover. She loved it.
back in October
This past year has been SO much fun. I expect this year to be even better. I am kind of nervous that I'll have a threeager. Bring on the tantrums. "Terrible two's" weren't so bad. ;)

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Halloween + Fort Worth part 2

On Saturday we set our alarms and woke up super early to go cheer on our cousin Kaylie at her soccer game. It was so cold. And so much fun. I've never been one to get into soccer but it was so much fun watching her. Not to mention she is only 5, and she scored 14 times within a hour!! They basically won because of her ;)
It was so cute watching how excited Giuliana was watching her. She even asked if she could play and tried walking towards the field. Before I know it, I will be a soccer mom.

Giuliana with her God sister Annelise
Kaylie and I after her game

After the game we went back to Melony and John's house. We ate some leftover chili from Halloween, which I was obsessed with. Once we ate and changed diapers we headed to the Forth Worth Zoo. Which, I'm also obsessed with. The zoo here in San Antonio does not compare. Although we got to the zoo around 1ish, we had no idea that the zoo closed so early! The zoo closed at 4 and we only made it half way through, I was a little disappointed that we missed all of my favorite animals but I know it won't be our last trip.

We were suppose to head back home after the Dallas Cowboys game but Jaxon got sick. Poor baby was throwing up so bad. It's always so hard to see the babies when they are sick. I feel so helpless.
So we stayed another night.
Not much happened, we packed the truck and went to see our niece, Sophia, before we hit the road to go back home. She is so big and so cute!

* that's as good as it gets when you're taking a picture with 3 toddlers ;)

Halloween 2014 + Ft. Worth part 1

This year we decided back in summer that we would make a trip to Fort Worth for Halloween. Both Giuliana and Jaxon are at that fun age where they can both really enjoy everything. My husband has a lot of family in Fort worth who have children close in age to ours, so I knew it would be so much fun for both kids. We left San Antonio late Thursday evening and got to Forth Worth around 10. I have been so excited about this trip since we decided to go. Giuliana's God parents live in Forth Worth and we are so close. It's always so fun to see them!
Friday morning was so crazy. Halloween traffic as AWFUL. Awful, I tell ya. We made a last minute stop to Party City for Mikey's costume and the line was insane. Literally wrapped around the entire store. And I was not going to wait when I had six dollars worth of balloons. So off to another store we went.

I can't even put into words how cute Mikey, Giuliana and Jaxon looked. I've been counting down the days to Halloween for weeks. This year I decided to make the boys Halloween costumes. We saw the movie UP for the first time a couple months ago and Jax was obsessed. I knew right there that he would be the cutest Russell I ever did see. At first I had no interest in making Mikey, Carl Fredrickson. But then it just seemed too perfect not to.

Introducing Carl Fredrickson

I wasn't expecting for this Halloween project to be so expensive. But before I knew it, I was at Hobby Lobby spending $100. That was just my first trip, I made multiple trips to Hobby Lobby before we left. It was well worth it. I loved how it came out. We bought the suit used a thrift store in town. We walked out with the jacket and pants for a whooping total of $13. AAAAHHHMAAAZIINGGG.

Introducing Russell 
"Adventure is out there"

I took these pictures the weekend before Halloween. I love them so much, I can't wait to print them.

Introducing the most purrrfect kitty

Anyways, fast forwarding to Halloween 

Jaxon didn't nap much Friday so the boys went inside early and Giuliana and I went without them. Not to mention it was pretty chilly Friday night. Although we wish they were both there we had so much without them and every house we went to complimented Giuliana and her purfect costume. Can't blame them, right? ;)

Monday, October 20, 2014

Spooky date

Saturday night Mikey and I went out with one of his co-workers and his wife. They drove here from Laredo which is about two hours away from us. The guys bought tickets to a haunted house here in San Antonio weeks ago. I am such a chicken, so when Mikey first told me he bought the tickets I was so mad at him. The haunted house is called 13th floor, they have one back home in Colorado (Denver), I've heard back home it's so scary and if you finish all the floors you get your money back. Not sure if that is true but that alone had me scared to go to the 13th floor here. All day I was nervous, anxiously waiting for my mother to get to my house so we could leave.

We left the house at 6:30, because Pit Bull and Enrique Iglesias had a concert that same night and so we knew parking was going to be hard to find downtown. Which it was. Our tickets for the haunted house weren't until 8. So I am glad we left super early. Once we met up with Danny and his wife Rosie at their hotel downtown we started walking to the haunted house. As we got there you could hear people screaming from the inside and I'm pretty sure that scared me even more than I already was. I should probably add that this was my first haunted house and getting chase by monsters and creepy costumes is not my idea of a good time. In fact, I was almost positive I was going to have a nightmare that night. Haha! And so off we walked to the front of the line, I guess its a good thing we had reservations because if we had to stand in line I can almost guarantee I would have walked away. It was so hot once we got inside, within minutes we were all sweating like crazy. It was in a warehouse like building. As soon as we walked inside I felt like I was in a scene from Freddie Krueger. And that scared the shit out of me. My nerves built up the entire time until it was our time to go. My poor husband!! I'm pretty sure his hand is fractured in multiple areas. I have never been so scared in my life. As we waiting for our time to go all I could think about is knowing in about 30 minutes or so we would be out of here and off to dinner. Let me tell you, those minutes dragged and every minute felt like 5.

When you first walk in there is a video playing that you start to watch of course you are so scared by what's happening you forget you're in a haunted house. And then of course you start being chased and it's so dark inside you don't really know which direction to run. Once you make your way inside there is then a slide you have to go down and that totally freaked me out. This entire time I felt like I was in a horror movie. I repeatedly told Mikey NEVER AGAIN and I even threw in a bunch of I hate you's of course I didn't really mean, although I'm pretty sure I might have meant one or two.

There was a group of girls about 6 or 7 and thank goodness for them. They must have been just about as scared as I was because they sure did a whole lot of screaming. :) They screamed so much I knew when something scary was going to happen. And even knowing something scary was about to happen, I screamed just as loud as they did. I was terrified.

Geez, those costumes look so real. Every 'check point' we came to the workers would mention before we took off "please do not touch the monsters". I don't know about you, but being chased by monsters, I am not going to want to stop and touch them. I wanted to punch and kick them away from me. Haha

So after almost peeing on myself and 30 minutes of torture later we are finally almost out of this haunted house. I'd have to say my least favorite part (and scariest) was definitely being chased with a chain saw. Although there were so many scary parts it's hard to choose from, I was SO glad to be out of there!!

After the haunted house we had a little time to kill before part two of our date. So we walked downtown on the river walk (here in San Antone) and stopped to catch a bite at one of my favorite restaurants on the river walk. Rita's!! Let me just say, if you are EVER in the area or even live here and have not been, GO.NOW. Their margaritas are my favorite. But, make sure you get a big one! They are the best and it will leave you feeling gooood. ;)

Seriously, just after one of those bad boys you are feelin' it.

Look at how huge they are. I usually only have one, some times two.

So after some good Mexican food and cutting it pretty close (15 minutes) to our haunted carriage ride tour we were off to walk the Alamo. The good thing about living in San Antonio is there is so much to do and so much history.

A plus about double dating is there is always someone to take pictures of you ;)

This was actually our second tour. We went on our anniversary back in February but it wasn't a  haunted tour. They are so fun and it's so nice to tour downtown riding in a carriage. I wrote a lot of the information down so maybe we will have a spooky date part two and walk by all the haunted places we saw.

I had such a good time, mini heart attacks and all. By the end of the night my throat was so sore from all the screaming in the haunted house. We didn't get home until about 1:30 in the morning, only leaving us to get a couple of hours of sleep because of course both kiddos wake up early. But we had so much fun. Date nights are the best and it's such a plus that grandma only lives 15 minutes away. :)

Going to the Zoo

I can not believe it's almost the middle of October(late post). I feel like just a couple weeks ago it was January. Time flies when you're having fun. This weekend my mother in law was in town and the weather was so nice. We did get a little rain Saturday morning but it didn't stop us from leaving the house. I feel like every time she comes to visit we have her locked inside. It was nice to finally take her to do something with the kiddos. Giuliana and Jaxon are at such a fun age right now, Jaxon is just started walk in public (finally). For the longest time when Mikey or I would try and put him down to walk he would automatically start to cry. And as soon as you buckle him back in the stroller he was fine and all smiles again. Go figure, that's my cry baby!!

We had so much fun. Giuliana and Jaxon were all smiles. You could definitely tell that they both were just having so much fun with grandma. Giuliana has been obsessed with animals for the longest time and basically named every animal that we walked by. So proud of my smart girl. The weather was so nice and since it rained earlier this morning the zoo was so uncrowded. It was such a good day to be there. It took us a good 2 hours to walk the entire zoo. As you can see we took so many pictures, my kids are getting so big!! 

 She is the best big sister EVER.

I know, I know, so many pictures, but they are just too cute to leave out. I can't get over how adorable Jaxon looks on that lion. He lasted a good to rounds before he started crying. It actually surprised me how long it took him before he started crying. Regardless, he still looked adorable. After we left the Zoo we went to one of my favorite little Mexican restaurants by the house. They always satisfy my Mexican cravings!! I always get the same thing every time we eat or pick up from there. 

P.S. Halloween is less than two weeks away!!