Thursday, September 11, 2014

Giuliana starts ballet

Today my heart was so full of warm fuzzies it could have exploded. It was my baby's first day of ballet. Seeing her in her itty bitty leotard and those tiny leather slippers my heart melted. From the time I knew I was having a girl I dreamed of seeing her in dance class prancing around. I can't believe how fast the time has gone and I was standing in class with her watching her dance. It was a moment and memory I will never forget. And of course I cried like a baby. She is getting so big. It's unreal!
I am one proud mama.
and of course Elsa is in ballet too ;)
Day two
I am so proud of my baby! She was a little nervous at first but as soon as Ms. Jennifer put on the Frozen soundtrack she was dancing her heart out. Do you want to build a snow man is her JAM. I can't wait to share and post more updates as Giuliana continues her first year in ballet and tumbling. I know she is going to make us so, so proud. She is going twice a week on Wednesdays and Thursdays for 45 minutes. I can't wait to see how much she learns from her first year :)

Happy Birthday my love

Happy 30th birthday my love!
We love you so much. Thank you for being the best daddy
 and role model to our babies.
30 never looked so good

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Jaxon - 17 months

17 months of Jaxon
weight:  height:31in diaper size:5 shoe size:6  tops:18/24 mos bottoms:18/24 mos

My little Jaxie boy, you are so serious like your daddy. Not a big fan of the camera like him either. But it's okay, I will take what I can get. I can not believe how fast you are growing. It's true when they say it goes by much faster the second time around.

You are still clingy as ever. But I have learned to embrace it. After all, it won't be like this forever. And I'm sure once you hit your teenage years you probably wont want to be seen with me in public. ;)

 You are a man of very few words: mama, dada, papa and your favorite *tickle, tickle*

Clapping is your favorite.

Biggest cry baby I ever met and loved.

You will eat just about anything, though our days of feeding you are officially over. You prefer to feed yourself. In fact, you will spit out your food and then grab it yourself if we feed you. Slow down my big boy. You aren't familiar with a fork or spoon yet, but I'm sure you don't mind since you are pretty fast with your hands anyways.

You got your first "big boy" hair cut on August 29th, 2014.

I regret it. So much! You look like a pre-teen.

Also, you cried almost the entire time. That is..... until the barber gave us a bag of Oreos to calm you down.

 You are obsessed with Giuliana. Everywhere she goes, you are right there behind her. That includes when she is in trouble too. You two are the true definition of partners in crime. I can only hope you two remain as close as the years go by.

Favorite toys include CAT toys (dozer is your favorite), monster trucks, Thomas the train toys, basically anything with a tire. You have a strange obsession with tires. Or maybe it is just a boy thing. Either way, they are your favorite! You manage a way to play with every tire you see including the stroller tires.

Not a big fan or tv but you will sit still for the movie UP and Monsters Inc. and The Lorax

You also love reading, books with trucks are kind of your thinggg. And so is nap time. Which you only take one nap now, but you nap 2-3 hours. Wish I could say bed time was your kinda thing. But it's not. You fight a good fight and sometimes still wake up in the middle of the night.

Grandpa bought you some Legos. Need I say more? Your favorite thing to do is dump them out of the bag. Giuliana will pick them up only for you to dump them again two seconds later.


Giuliana at 2 1/2

 Giuliana at 2 1/2
I realize this is a month late. Whooooops, I am hoping to update here more often. Promise!
weight: 31.4lbs height:36in shoe size: 8.5 bottoms: 2t tops: 2t
Favorite quotes : "lubbbbb it" "Gogo wanna panking? Wanna panking" "I love you"
Favorite activities: Coloring with mama, puzzles, watching Netflix, jumping on the trampoline, playing in the water, reading, blowing bubbles.
Favorite food & snacks: Grilled cheese, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, goldfish, popsicles, popcorn, spaghetti, chili, chipotle and pop corn chicken, bananas.  
Obsessed with rainboots
I love everything about this age. This has to be my favorite so far. Giuliana is so independent yet still needs me for so much. She has been potty trained for a year already so we have been out of diapers for a while. Next week she is starting Ballet and tumbling on Wednesdays and Thursdays. I am so excited, I cant wait to start the tradition of going to Starbucks every Thursday after Ballet. I have been dreaming of the day my precious little girl would start ballet and I can not believe the day is almost here. I am one excited mommy.
A friend of mine here in San Antonio made this beautiful bag upon request for Giuliana. How perfect?? Something she can use as she grows, it has 3 pockets on the inside for her ballet shoes, a drink and maybe some snacks along with plenty of room for her change of clothes. I am so in love with this bag. I can't wait for us to use it next week.
Also, at 2 1/2 you know all your colors, shapes, coins (penny, dime, nickel and quarter), ABC's and can count to 15 and know all your animals. You are such a quick learner! So proud of you :)
You love getting your hair brushed. And now your hair is growing thicker on top and I can officially French braid your hair. Anything girly, you are all over it. You love carrying around your pink Juicy Couture purse that you got for Christmas. Nail polish? That is kinda your thing. You will sit still through a entire painting. After I am done there is a lot of LOOK's and PREEEETTY's.
Princess Sofia and along with Mickey Mouse are your favorite shows to watch.
You are all about parks right now. "Mama slides puh-ease".
When you see a camera you immediately say CHEESE. You love taking pictures, taking selfies on your ipad mini is your thing.
How could I forget... Politest 2 year old I ever met. Please, thank you and excuse me are a must. You will even say it for mommy and daddy if we don't.
Jaxon is known as tubby, gogo or big boy to you. You recently started calling him "dax". So cute!
Still obsessed with the movie Frozen. "snow man" is your jam!

Friday, July 25, 2014

Toddler meltdowns

Have you ever been out in public and see a mother struggling to calm her child? The baby is crying and crying and you can't help but to watch. It's like horrible car accident but you just can't turn around. If you are anything like me you are silently thinking OMG get that baby quite. Am I right? Today I was that mom. Now my kids are no angels, but I like to think my kids behave pretty well. ;) I've never had a issue taking my two kids (who are 14 months apart) anywhere, especially by myself. I've always been able to get up and go with them. One of the many reasons I love them!

Today started off as any day would. One thing I can always count on is for my Jaxon to be up bright and early. This kid is seriously up by 8 And, 8 is sleeping in for him because he usually wakes up between 7-7:30. Where as Giuliana can sleep in till 10 if I let her. If only every child was like that. Mama's can I get a amen?!

So once they were both up I threw them in the bath and we started to get ready for the zoo.
I'm not sure if it's just me? (We have season passes both the zoo and to Sea World.) But when I plan a trip I usually like to get there around the time that they open. I, like everyone else, enjoy no lines, no crowds and close parking. But living in San Antonio, Texas, I also enjoying getting some where before it reaches 100 degrees. Especially since both of my kids are really big sweaters. Sorry kiddos, that's something you both got from your daddy!

We arrived at the zoo around 10:30 and it was already SO hot. I was seriously already sweating by the time I walked from the parking lot to the entrance of the zoo. I hate when that happens. Summer heat is no joke! As soon as we got inside the zoo Jaxon started crying. Now, this was no "normal" cry. This cry sounded as if I was beating him to death. I could feel the stares. And hear the whispers. Did I seriously become THAT mom? Where is MY baby?? We haven't even been inside the zoo for 5 minutes. What is going on??

 As moms, I know we are often harshly judged. the. time. I know I am again, guilty of this.

I take Jaxon out of the stroller to check his diaper. Maybe he is dirty? nope. Maybe he wants his cup? nope. Maybe he wants some fresh air and wants to walk? nope. Nothing was making this kid happy. And I was feeling defeating. Walking around for nearly 20 minutes (which felt like a life time) hearing my baby cry and not knowing how to comfort him was heartbreaking. We pulled over and I took him out of the stroller. By this time he was drenched in sweat. and still crying. Boy did he really work himself up. I called Mikey in hopes that hearing his daddy's voice would comfort him and it didn't. Jaxon was still crying. He still was throwing himself back and it was pretty hard to control. Now picture me holding Jaxon, but picture him as a octopus. I felt like every time I had control of his two legs so he wouldn't kick me.... one of his arms would escape. Next thing you know a leg is out. It was never ending.  I have no idea why he was so upset. But, I sat there desperately trying to calm him as he's throwing his little body back. Toddlers are strong y'all. He is almost 16 months and I felt like I was wrestling a octopus. I'm sure the people around me were staring. Been there, done that.. He eventually cried himself to sleep. And we left shortly after because at that point I was exhausted. Here is to hoping another meltdown in not in our near future. Mommy needs a drink!

Jaxon-1 Mommy- 0

I'm hoping a nap will bring my baby back.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Weekend Recap


Hello Monday! I can not believe another weekend has flown on by. Nothing to exciting happened here over the weekend. I wanted to take the babies to Sea World but due to Jaxon waking up with a fever {and I was flying this ship solo} we stayed home. Mikey worked both Saturday and Sunday. So we stayed home. And instead of spending the day at Sea World like I imaged I did laundry instead. Exciting, I know. We spent a lot of our time yesterday coloring, doing puzzles and practicing our abc's. I have a lot of empty frames upstairs for the play room that need to be filled. :) 
Do you see that? I have a lefty! Never did I imagine one of my kiddos would be a LEFTY since everyone in my family is a righty! Have you heard that lefties are smarter? ;) When she was younger she would switch back and forth between the two. Some times she still does. Giuliana will write with her left and then pick up her fork with her right! It's amazing how well she can use both and she's only two.